give us pause

Clicknoise will be held incommunicado by graduate studies deadlines and a big residential move (happening this week). Posts will be sporadic if at all until I can resume regular postings, estimated sometime in the week of April 9-13, when the shit hits the fan.

I’m pleased to say that this will be the last bout of heavy coursework for me, ever. As I have only one seminar left to do to satisfy my doctoral course requirements, it should be more comfortable sailing from here on in. Comps shmomps, he says, with a due sense of exhaustion and dread for what his colleagues who are currently struggling with their comps might say to that. I say, suits me just fine. I’ve been looking forward to the big “open lit review that I get to define the parameters of” since my 1st year, taking whatever tablescrap courses in which the community college had space to shove me.

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