Give Me And I Will Raise The World

I’m slogging through a deferred paper for a seminar last semester – ungh. But here’s a post to kill two birds with one stone – (1a) force my ideas into something concrete via publishing (and all its accompanying dangers) while (1b) breaking my 2007 blogging procrastination cherry. No way I was gonna let that blasted iPhone do it!

It’s a complicated, distracting entanglement of a research area I’ve chosen. Anyway, wild thought swings have finally led me to rest on the collision of a contemporary social construction of networked music (Théberge 2004) with Latour’s (1983) idea of the laboratory extended out into the world.

It’s an exciting project. Latour argues that in the process of extending the laboratory into the world, distinctions between micro and macro, inside and outside, and laboratory and world are blurred. This bears an uncanny resemblance to my idea of a networked and converged “music studio”, in which a broader network is implicated, including remixing, social networking, physical sites of music activity, and other agents of change.

That, and Apple might be breaking open the black box of their AAC format, seemingly smoothing over the jagged edges of the DRM wars to their own advantage, of course…

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