Free Beer, Kebab, and Virgin Mobile

Now this is downright silly. (ahem – Popup blocker ON) Virgin Mobile is offering free beer and kebabs to people who download coupons via their mobiles and then bring them to crappy outdoor concerts. Apparently this benefits the company in some way.

But look what their marketing staff have to say about their campaign! Having worked in mobile marketing for a while myself (and now being thankfully liberated from that space) this kind of hyperbole looks utterly loopy. Watch as they invoke “novel”, “viral” and “grassroots” in relation to what is actually nothing more than a beer and meat giveaway:

“This year Virgin Mobile will be feeding and watering even more gig goers throughout the UK! Our free beer and kebab campaign is a great way to reward customers while simultaneously reinforcing the association between Virgin Mobile, live music and good times with your mates. The campaigns are so novel that there is also a viral element to them. Customer’s[sic] are happy to tell their friends about it which is a great way to reinforce our reputation as a youth lifestyle brand at a grassroots level.”

This gives new meaning to Richard Ashcroft’s famous lyric “Now the drugs don’t work/they just make you worse…”.

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