Flesh Mobs

I’ve been fine tuning a report on mobile user experience research I worked on last Fall for Mobile Muse, and so I’ve been trolling around today for any and all articles on flash mobs and other electronically coordinated uses of public space. Most of this material isn’t related at all to the project, but this one about Flesh Mobs in the UK peaked interest on the opposite side of my brain (the Lucio Fulci/pasta horror fan side). I’m glad someone decided to start calling them flesh mobs, which gives them a more purposeful aura (satirical comment on the jejunity of flash mobs?) even though they’ve been called “zombie walks” previously (as in the case of the Vancouver zombie walk a couple of years ago. Also, it’s good to see these people stake a claim to the phrase “flesh mobs” before some porno idiot does. Now that could get tacky.

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