eJamming released

A while ago, I brought you news about eJamming, a real-time remote music recording app. Totally beneath my RSS/Press Release radar, the app has become available for public download at their website (!).

I’m downloading it now. I gotta go get my midi controller and guitar up here. I wonder if my MOTU will work? Maybe I can set up AudioJack to independently capture stuff? Maybe I can run Skype at the same time? Maybe channel a vox in all kludgy-like over my Jabra??

Here I was getting all up-ons about last.fm (like, totally addicted – it’s great). But this here is candy store time.

Expect a report.

2 thoughts on “eJamming released”

  1. Jean — Next week, on the the 28th actually, eJamming is releasing its public beta of eJAMMING AUDiiO. You won’t need your MIDI controller now, unless you really want to use it. It transmits both audio and MIDI now, so guitarists, singers, cellists, harmonica players, etc. can play and record online and in sync. Check it out. – Gail (CEO of eJamming Inc)

  2. Hi Jean –
    Alan from eJamming here. Just wanted to let you know that eJamming AUDiiO (FULL Audio + MIDI) goes into public Beta the end of March – so you’ll be able to connect to singers, acoustic and electric guitar players, and ANY musician with a microphone, computer and broadband connection – in real time, and more importantly, in sync. Come back and download eJamming AUDiiO beginning March 28th. Then let us know what you think.

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