EFF petitions to end RIAA lawsuits

Following the recent stand taken by well known Canadian artists against the Recording Industry Association of America, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is circulating a petition they intend to deliver to the U.S. Senate and House Commerce and Judiciary Committees, according to a release today in Ars Technica.

Invoking their plan for voluntary collective licensing that would enable the music industry to increase its profits without having to litigate against file sharing, the EFF petition calls on the music industry to adapt its business model and accept the contemporary digital media landscape. In their words:

We oppose the recording industry’s decision to attack the public, bankrupt its customers and offer false amnesty to those who would impugn themselves. We call instead for a real amnesty: the development of a legal alternative that preserves file-sharing technology while ensuring that artists are fairly compensated.

The EFF has obtained 85,000 signatures thus far, and needs only 100,000 to be able to present their petition to US representatives. If you’re in the U.S. and you oppose overly punitive litigation as a method of discouraging online filesharing, then go sign the petition!

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