Digital Downloads and Retail CD Sales: UK

Digital Music News is reporting new findings based on UK data that about 75% of all internet users in the country prefer physical CDs, while only 8 percent prefer digital formats. The research also appears to confirm that bricks-and-mortar retail CD revenues still outstrip their online competitors’ earnings.

Full story here. The original Nielsen/Netratings release is here (PDF download).

Note, however, that the researchers only surveyed 1,165 Internet users, aged 16 and above. Given the fact that younger people are less likely to have credit cards or high credit limits (and those under 18 in the UK most likely don’t have them at all!), the street revenue may only appear greater here due to overrepresentation of youngsters who do not have the option of credit cards (all but essential in online buying). Significant age-based differences in credit card habits would also suggest that research of this sort should be carefully qualified by age cohorts within the surveyed population before any actionable conclusions are made.

3 thoughts on “Digital Downloads and Retail CD Sales: UK”

  1. i wonder what (if any) segment of that proportional breakdown would go to those of who still prefer vinyl when possible.

  2. dunno. probably a small group, but worth looking into, insofar as vinyl collectors tend to be ‘early adopters’ in terms of taste and revivals (this is an anecdotal observation, though).

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