Cory Doctorow in Vancouver March 8-9

I’ll be attending this. Electronic freedom fighter and science fiction writer Cory Doctorow (here, here) will give two free public lectures at Simon Fraser University, March 8 and 9. (March 8th he’ll be speaking downtown, at the Fletcher Challenge (ahem!) Theatre, SFU Vancouver at Harbour Centre (reservations required, call 604-291-5100), and on March 9th he’ll be speaking at the Burnaby campus (first come, first serve, 500 seats). For more information about this event, click here. It should be a great event.

We’re also hosting a graduate seminar with him later earlier in the day, at which I’ll be giving a very brief presentation about music, technology and policy (along with a few others in our department). No flashy AV or anything, just plain old fashioned talking points to stir discussion with visiting luminary. I believe that one’s very limited seating, but interested geeks and bloggers might wanna come to that too.

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