Charity Tunes

Charity Tunes, a service offered by a company called Sound Revolution, is selling digital downloads of their 6,000 song library while allowing music purchasers to donate 10% of each song price to a charitable cause of their choice. According to their website:

No other music download sites actively raise money for important causes. The people who care about these causes are the same community who are willing to pay for legal music downloads. Sound Revolution is unique in tapping into this emerging reality of customers targeting discretionary spending to businesses that care about more than the bottom line.

Charities that benefit from digital music sales through Charitytunes include the Red Cross, Amnesty International, Doctors Without Borders, and the Stephen Lewis AIDS Foundation. The company is inviting new charity affiliations, as well as new content from independent artists and record labels. Their contact information is as follows:

For artists: submit at charitytunes dot com
For charities: charities at charitytunes dot com

If you just want to download music and support one of the above humanitarian organizations, then just go to their site and get started.

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