Cellcasting and Podcasting: Not Popular?

There’s a good review of an article about cellcasts on Mopocket. In the light of the Forrester research into podcasting that’s getting so much talk today, these modes of digital content delivery warrant some attention. Because hey, if podcasting is failing to impress, then cellcasting won’t even be able to find a parking spot outside the tower of song.

According to Usability News:

Charlene Li, a principal analyst at Forrester, warned that companies should should not heavily invest in the technology at this point: ‘Companies should not be dashing out to create expensive original content for a small audience unless they gain value from being seen as innovative.’

I think the point to be taken from Forrester’s findings is not so much that podcasting is generally unpopular (as has been briskly headlined elsewhere), but moreso that companies seeking to podcast are best advised to republish existing content via podcasts, as the data shows that content exclusive to podcasts is not faring well by comparison.

I’m still optimistic that podcasts will play an important role in the mobile content industry, especially considering how glaringly suitable cellcasting could be for a lot of internet-exclusive content that’s already wildly popular (examples here and here).

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