Open Web Vancouver

I’m attending (and presenting at) Open Web Vancouver next week, celebrating (and problematizing) with many others the many affordances and limitations of open source and open formats in our digitally mediated world. My talk will likely be rather policy-wonkish, as a current concern of mine (and a crucial chapter in my dissertation research) is that of the potential impact of broad public participation in wireless and mobile internet policy development. If you haven’t yet, register here. The leader of the Pirate Party is keynoting, so it’s well worth the hundred and eighty five clams, to my mind.

Hope to see you there.

Twittering the Election, SIFTing Media Collections

If you haven’t seen this already, then go check it out. Terse political opinions fly by with impunity. What to do, what to do…and how does media theory speak to this? I can anticipate hundreds of approaches, from critical political economy to social constructivism to what-have-you … but then again, I’m directly implicated in the construction of these very tools, for better or for worse.

Case in point – if you can imagine a media rich version of this, then you might be interested in what Mobile Muse (in partnership with the affable people at Raincity Studios) has been working on for the past little while: the Social Information Feed Tracker (SIFT) Tool. Currently in beta, this application allows SMS and social media from sites like Youtube and Flickr to be aggregated in custom channels. More functionality is being added as we speak – watch for a full public announcement of this and other Mobile Muse innovations very shortly… Aggregation Poll

Not one to miss an opportunity to shamelessly promote my own nascent aggregation site (nor to miss demoing out-of-the-box modules of Drupal simultaneously), I bring you a poll in which you can vote to help determine the balance of content for said aggregation site. So if you’re curious about bands, then vote for bands. If you want info about tech and mobile news, then vote for that, etc. It’s totally unscientific, but I promise I’ll take the votes into consideration (though I must, in the interest of dispassionate judgment, triangulate this voter data with hard stats like Pageviews and visits as against keywords, as against categories, and so forth. & free mp3 nokia ringtones,1100 free nokia ringtones tracfone,free nokia ringtonescash until payday loanadvance? cash loan online payday ?payday loan cash advance loanadvance america cashadvance advance america cashadvance cash loan online,cash advance loan online,advance cash fast loan onlinefirst american cash advance1000 advance cash no fax,cash advance no fax required,advance cash fax no1000 advance cash faxing no,no faxing savings account cash advance,advance cash faxing nono fax cash advance,advance cash fax no payday,advance cash fax georgia nocash til payday advance,payday cash advance,advance cash payday ringtoneadvance cash settlement,advance cash chicago settlement,pre settlement cash advanceloan oneclickcash paydaydueces wild video pokerjacks or better video pokerplay free online slots game,free on line slots game,slots gamefree online video pokerplay bingo onlinefree online slots game,free slots,free download slotsblackjack softwarevideo poker gamesvideo poker machinesplay roulette online888 black jackplay casino roulette,casino roulette,casino roulette downloadlearn to play crapsblackjack card gameonline casino promotioncasino great online game,online casino game,casino download gambling game onlinegambling casino online bonusinternet casino craps,internet casino software,internet casinocasino gambling,online casino gambling site,free online casino gamblingcasino link online suggestfree casino card gameplay free slots gamebest internet casinoplaying video pokerfree online casino craps,free craps,free online crapsbest craps gamecasino video pokerfree internet casinoplay black jack,black jack money play,black jack online playrules of crapsdownload casino gamedownload casino game,free casino game on line,casino gamegame casino online slots,online slots,online slots gamefree online casino gambling,online casino gambling,online casino online gamblingcasino free slots download,free no download casino,casino downloadno deposit bonus online casino,no deposit casino bonus,free no deposit sign up bonus casino if there’s an uproar I might be inclined to add things to the ballot (“more pictures”, “more video”, yada yada yada…).

Up In Ur Transient Droopal. With Announcements.

I’ve finally taken the plunge into Drupal on the label/company page. I haven’t had much need for a main company URL or site, so I’m going to use it as a ‘social media’ (is there such thing as an ‘antisocial’ medium?) sandbox – essentially an experiment in multiple feed aggregation and integration of mobile generated media. I’ll be adding modules over time, and also likely changing the design on a regular basis, when the mood strikes me.