Car V Bike Pretest 0.2

Today we tested our live streaming video and GPS tracked bike commutes, this time using a third bike to pull the wifi mesh/wimax trailer.

I worked for about an hour this morning assembling the mounting clamps for the two phones on two bikes. Both worked very well and withstood many bumps. The angle and steadiness of the image is good (the lighting and resolution is not – see stream at right).

The most significant single problem is that our maximum upload bandwidth via WiMAX is just shy of 200 kbps, which means that our live streams only last a few seconds before they buffer. However, on the plus side, I don’t think we ever lost the WiMAX signal during the entire 10 kilometres we traveled.

There were also handset UI issues – everything in the phone must be set to “public” prior to attempting to stream or send GPS data, incoming phone calls put the N82 (and N95) camera on standby, interrupting the Qikstream, and whenever the wi-fi connection is interrupted (whether this was due to authentication issues with Free the Net, or due to me simply riding temporarily out of range of the mesh router), the stream is similarly paused while the Qik application uses Nokia’s EasyWLAN to find a new WAP.

More notes on this later; I’ve got spreadsheets to work on…

3 thoughts on “Car V Bike Pretest 0.2”

  1. This is VERY impressive, Jean. Suggestions:

    -put the phone on call forwarding during the test. You can do that in the handset and it sticks until you remove it.

    – put acoustic foam/wind sock over the microphone (were you using the AD-43 or just the built-in one?)

    – try setting the video to small and low quality and see if you can keep the live stream going that way

    – consider having one camera pointed up at you, it might be more interesting

    – start the video with a profile of the equipment (just like in the early days of podcasting and vodcasting, most of the audience will be tech nerds who are dying to see your “rig”) if you don’t have two camera, think about having a mirror or other reflective surface (shop window?) that you can use?

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