Breaking News In Science! Music Industry Execs Possibly Smarter Than Conservative Religious Fundamentalists!

With all the hulaballoo over what some see as the end of DRM (WSJ, subscription required), this story should strike a nerve. Hmm. Over half of the music industry’s executives think DRM is a dead end? Well, at least one of the majors (EMI) is already reportedly preparing to drop DRM-encumbered music.

We’ll probably see more of this kind of thing in the coming year. I doubt DRM will be around much longer.

Still, there’s no sign of a slowdown in the fightin’ words of the RIAA and its affiliated lobbyist groups as they try to dictate policy in countries not officially part of the Empire. I wonder what Bev Oda‘s thinking is on this issue? Or Stephen Harper, for that matter? Do these people know anything about anything? Maybe copyright law coexisted with the dinosaurs?

Yes, people, this is Canada. Where people less intelligent than recording industry executives can be elected into office. We’re more American than we think.

Have a good weekend.

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