Apple, Softbank cause iTunes phone to develop Japan?

Despite all the speculation about the iPhone, Japanese Internet and telecommunications company Softbank today denied the reports that they are developing an iTunes enabled phone in partnership with Apple.

Mobile Guerrilla has posted a google tranlastion of Softbank’s two line statement. From their site:

“Placing on the news media of portion of 2006 May 13 date, there was this corporation and reporting regarding the American apple computer, but these are the guess article by the news media. It is not something which the agency it decides the contents which are reported, as this corporation and announces.”

Kudos to Mobile Guerilla for judiciously dishing it out where it’s most deserved. Only pre-release passive-aggressive-hype of this kind deserves babelfish ridicule. Now for more fun (and just to demonstrate some balance), here’s some of last week’s hype, orginally in English, babelfished into German, and then back into English again (corrected for grammar):

“Apple and Japanese enormous telecommunications bank Soft know a new mobile telephone, and songs of that iTunes downloader, according to a report by Nihon Keizei Shimbun, Friday, to develop Japan.”

The above statements are no more garbled, nor more useful, than any of the hype we’ve been reading. And they’re vastly more entertaining.

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