Apache, .htaccess and permalink structures

Totally off topic here, but important if you’ve linked to one of my posts and now find it’s dead. Upon learning more than I thought I’d ever have to about my host’s domain server, I realized that WordPress doesn’t exactly get along with Apache 1.3x, and that there’s only one way to write permalinks that doesn’t wreak such havoc with that little htaccess file such that all of your domains drop out of google’s index. As a result I’ve had to reconfigure my permalinks, so if you wish to stay linked to a certain post I’ve made here, add “/index.php/” to link as follows:

so much depends upon


so much depends upon

That is all for now. I’ll add as a sidebar (but don’t even get me started on the WordPress sidebar issues I’ve had) that this would be a disaster if this were a commercial blog, or were I trying to become famous…

As for the font change, I have no idea what happened. The server people did some total, massive reconfiguration of everything in the universe and I think my fonts got mowed down in the process. And I don’t have time to figure it out until the new year.

2 thoughts on “Apache, .htaccess and permalink structures”

  1. never mind – permalinks are back to normal…this was fixed a coupla days later (essential comment reposted here months later due to losing several months of comments in a server crash).

  2. hmm i thought i will found wht i’m looking for some quick tips on how to configyeate my .attaccess. But it seem you get got all at once when using google. But thanks anyway

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