About Clicknoise

This weblog was started to document music, culture and network technologies in a world that’s increasingly noisy with change. From iPods to ringtones, from Cubase to AJAX, from Ableton Live to loopfaxes, and from reel-to-reel cacophony to the drone of a million clicks, silent in isolation, but deafening taken all together, this is Clicknoise. Welcome.

An “About Me” is coming soon. As I’m a bit of an unwilling crossover between indie music, academia, and the high tech industry (I wish I had nothing to do with the latter, but it pays the bills, and it can be intriguing at times in its own right), I can promise wild mood swings and possibly too many question marks.

But then again, google has replaced all the question marks in our conversations, hasn’t it?

Or would that be wikipedia?

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